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Tom of Finland stamps

The release of new Tom of Finland stamps has inspired me to dig out my review of a doco on this special artist.
  Daddy and The Muscle Academy (The Art, Life and Times of Tom of Finland) is an excellent DVD which can be rented from Newtown Civic Video, in the “Special Interests” section. They have a couple of copies, as it's in high demand.
    Watched the 90-minute interview in Norwegian with Tom – though it's subtitled, I turned the sound UP because Tom’s gravelly voice is great. He died in 1991.
Tom had slept with Nazis in Finland during World War II and that's when his uniform fetish began.
  I’d always disliked his over-exaggerated drawing of bulging penises, but he explained he’d had to compete with the introduction of erotic photographs, so he’d given his drawings something “extra” to what could be shown in real life.
Tom said:  “Above all I have wanted to direct these [pictures] at individuals who are misunderstood, oppressed, and feel their lives have been messed up. I want to encourage them, to give this minority a kind of injection of confidence. Their entire act, behaviour and way of being can  be positive.”
Veteran of many major gay dance parties, medic MasterSir (also Mother CPR) and Dungeon Safety Monitor X presented this workshop, awarding sweet, sour, chewy and chocolatey treats, plus Tim Tams for audience participation.
MasterSir recalled a party in Amsterdam where there was a pool for watersports with men dressed in rubber men lying in it. “I went to urinate and one of them took it in his mouth, and my Prince Albert when it slipped off, and kept drinking, without spilling a drop. He was very talented.”
He gave us a handout of several pages with mishaps and how to treat them.
A few highlights:
·       If someone has a bad trip on dope or LSD, give them orange juice or peanuts. For “ecstasy”, cool them down, remove clothes, pour water over their head, but keep in mind they’ll get high again as soon as they heat up again.
·       Spanking: rosewood resonates at the same frequency as bone, so their bones will resonate when you spank.
·       Split rattan breaks the skin easily and is used for lashing criminals in Singapore.
·       Mirrors: buy Mylar ones that are glass-free and don’t break for your dungeon.
·       Stop wax burning by holding the candle higher so the wax has time to cool down as it falls.
·         Recommended: Medicrème for general first aid.

 X has compiled a Dungeon Safety Monitor Manual.


Went to the SLPA legal workshop in 2012

Was very similar in principles to my previous writeup at http://slpa1.livejournal.com/8673.html. Basically, the legal line for "consent" seems to be based on how much bodily damage is done. That is, a person cannot consent to beyond a certain amount of bodily damage.
The definition re: damage is similar to those for assault: doesn't need to break the skin, but could just amount to a lot of deep bruising etc.

Here are a couple of recent cases being discussed in the BDSM community re: consent.

As in several other states, Missouri assault laws limit instances in which consent can be used as a defense against criminal charges when serious injuries occur.

Exceptions generally are made for athletic activities and the victim's occupation or professions in which the conduct and harm are reasonably foreseeable hazards.

As in several other states, Missouri assault laws limit instances in which consent can be used as a defense against criminal charges when serious injuries occur. Exceptions generally are made for athletic activities and the victim's occupation or professions in which the conduct and harm are reasonably foreseeable hazards.

Wright's group contends 'serious physical injury' is not well-defined under law.

'The assessment of the seriousness of harm is often affected by judges' "moral judgments about the iniquity of the conduct,"' the organization says on its website in a section focusing on the consent issue.

'Courts tend to inflate the risk and harmfulness of an activity they want to denounce. For example, any injury caused during a sadomasochistic encounter has been consistently classified as serious.'

Wright notes that regardless of the legal precedent, prosecutors' attempts to present acts between Bagley and his wife as evidence in the Missouri case also comes at a time when kinky sex practices appear to be gaining broader public acceptance amid the popularity of the E.L. James 50 Shades of Grey bondage books.



"Mr Thomson told jurors that Lock accepted he had caused the woman harm but compared the situation to a football match in which all parties have agreed to take part.
He said: "The issue is did she consent and did Mr Lock believe that she consented "Is this an assault any more than a mistimed tackle in football "Fifty Shades Of Grey s not a manual: it's a work of fiction and this is a case which demonstrates that things can go wrong."
Prosecutor Duncan O'Donnell told jurors: "It was part of a master-slave fantasy and she went there expecting a fantasy when Mr Lock wanted reality "She may have expected some playful spanking, to be hit lightly perhaps, but she received a lashing with a rope.""


SLPA XXXXMas Cocktails

Went to SLPA's XXXXMas Cocktails and everyone was in high spirits. Entertainment provided by the wonderful crooning Frank Bennett (a cross between Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett), who reinterprets classics (eg. Michael Jackson) in a jazz singer style. He wore a great vintage 1970s red frilly shirt.
    Spanking Santa was in an amazing home made costume and dishing out plenty of punishment to naughty elves and anyone else who wanted some bruised, red cheeks.
D looked lovely in a Wheels & Dolls Baby leopard print dress, many gorgeous in rubber and the usual leather harnesses and uniforms.
    One sadist refused to speak to me on the grounds that I am unemployed and therefore not worthy of social interaction, though he was hounded by others who said he should give me work. Especially since his spelling is renownedly atrocious.
    I was out on the balcony for most of the night with the smokers, trying to be a glimpse of the red moon. A partygoer, Y, said she'd gone home and with her partner visited the nearby Enmore Park, which was crowded with picnickers at midnight, feasting, playing bocce, throwing frisbees, hula hooping, and looking at the red moon.
    I had long chats re: same sex marriage, costumes (one bloke wore an amazing rope costume that was made by Matthew, who was wearing a kilt ensemble. Matthew also has a great "look" for every occasion, check him out on FB), poetry and job hunting.
    All up, a great evening.

Earlier on, had been to Beauchamp Hotel for catchup with lovely M, on a lightning visit from Tasmania. Had a lot of chats re: libraries and copyright. Oh, and the Beauchamp has a famous Brideshead Revisited connection: it was named after the real life bloke who was head of the Brideshead clan. He was appointed Governor of NSW and the hotel was named after him.
By trashie

BDSM Educational courses ...

Am endlessly re-filling in online forms of the same CV over and over and I noticed on LinkedIn that my Education seemed very lacking. Everyone else seems to have done several degrees.
So I thought I'd list some of the Education short courses I've done, many of them several times.

Dungeon Safety
Drag Make-Up
First Aid for Dungeon Monitors (St John’s certificate)
Butch and the lost art of manners
“Change the World” mini conference (UTS)
Beginners’, Intermediate and Advanced flogging
RPA Pain clinic (8 weeks) – outcome: learnt how to juggle painkillers.
Foot worship
“We Need More Women” Action Meeting
Gregorian chant
The life and times of the Marquis De Sade
Queer anarchism
Jelly Wrestling
How to sing the Rosary in Latin (Christus Rex)
Goth Stitch n Bitch
Reclaimed the Streets
Breast and CBT
Radikal Cheerleading
Bifemmes Stripper Workshop
Ninja and Rope Workshop
Using only your hands for BDSM play
Douching And Fisting
BDSM Legal facts
Cock and Ball Torture workshop II

Trivia Night 2011

 Went to SLPA Trivia nite, hosted by quiz meister GK. There were four rounds and all had an S&M or GLBTIQ angle.
    There were three teams and the scoring was very close. There was lots of heckling and sledging, mostly from the team I was on (our team name is unrepeatable, but we were originally going to be the Orange Hankies).
    The “Robot Unicorn Attack” team won first prizes: champagne, tickets to Dirty, etc. The Dykes on Bikes came second.
Among the theme-related prizes, bought by GK over the past year, were butter-flavoured Crisco, Pride cigarettes, S&M Tuna, Bear-scented air freshener (!), Vanilla air freshener, and similar-themed kinky stuff.
    We reckoned we only lost cos we had the SLPA President at our table, and it would have looked rigged if we’d won.
I picked up a great fashion tip from Gabi, who was wearing a jaw-dropping, eye-popping cardigan – sew it together so there aren’t any gaps.
    Fluffy tried out the Pride Panda cigarettes during the break and said they were fantastic, though nearly made her cough up a panda hairball – ciggies only cost 40 cents a packet in China. It’s criminal, getting everyone addicted so cheaply.
    Gabi had to go outside to ring Hungary to make a birthday phone call, which seemed exotically Continental.
We came last at Trivia. I knew the Patrick White question, The Slap, and that the Pet Shop Boys bloke was a journo at Smash Hits. And the name of Elton John's husband.
We didn’t know any sports answers.
  We got one out of three on dress requirements for a Macho Man: gold chain, a Western shirt and leather.
  None of us knew what "snarfing" was, and most still wish we didn't. If you'd had Troy Buswell on your team, you'd probably have got it right.
    Gabi and Fluffy (knew the women singers and pop culture) and Jon (knew all the Madonna and Lady Gaga stuff) all came up with great answers and the President didn’t seem to know anything, but looked very decorative in a Liberace T-shirt. He also has a Liberace bracelet, and I mentioned I’d visited the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas when it was still around.
    We caught GK out when he did a “Who Am I?” by wrongly claiming Matt Mitchum was born in 1998! Hehehe.
    We bitched there were too many Family Guy/American Dad questions and the Dykes on Bikes cleverly edged ahead winning half points by answering “Family Dad” or American Guy”. We didn’t know who Roger was, wearing rollerskates and singing Xanadu, and we’re still trying to forget.
    Doll suggested True Blood should be used as a reference in future, though I mostly watch ABC News 24.
  The Quiz meister said next up he's conducting trivia nights at a primary school and business charity, and would not be able to recycle the SLPA questions or prizes. 

Pride panda cigarettes.

by trashie

Art Space 2011

Went to Art Space 2011, this year curated by Matthew T. We saw the new SLPA logo, brilliant, looks a bit Meccano-ish.
    Lots of us there for the blessing by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, we included us saying loudly “We cast you out” as we cast out the demons of Fred Nile and Tony Abbott and anyone else who opposes same-sex marriage and GLBTIQ rights. There was also lots of dingo-style howling.
    Former LPOTY GK presented the new Leather Person of the Year to David M, an “unsung hero” who has done lots of graphic work for Inquisition posters and editorial inserts over the years.
    For artworks, the Popular Choice went to John Dobson with Fishnet Hose and the Packer’s Prize to Lucas Messerer for Tokyo Studio.
I won the Door Prize: $50 worth of vouchers from Maxx Black.
    I loved the stain glass flying cock (blue winged phallus) by Jeffrey Hamilton, it was the first time I'd seen that medium used at Art Space.
   Fantastic Red Chair series featuring DV8 Yoko Zuri in a great large photo of a dramatic, twisted suspension, which was a central showpiece. Had a chat with Mark DV8 about the scene and how much things had changed since 2002, when we first got into it. We agreed it is going through a positive, expansive phase.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence give their blessing. Art Space curator Matthew on the far left; Rod S on far right.

The Leather Person of the Year: David receives his award from last year's LPOTY, GK.

by trashi 

SLPA Meeting and Women's Action Meeting

 Went along to SLPA general meeting.
*Plans for Inquisition to be held on Aug 6. Venue not locked in yet, but the one we might get has one dance floor. This means four DJs, two hours each, 10pm-6am. Will have several installation shows.
*16 Education workshops planned in next 12 months. Check Facebook for details.
*Cash flow problems at the moment. A couple of committee members are providing a bridging loan. The Treasurer says the cash flow problem often comes up, and maybe we should get an overdraft (but this is charged at credit card interest rates)? It costs SLPA $4000 a year just for insurance. Also, the cost of having a stall at Fair Day has gone up and it’s now $295 for all community groups.
*There’s one vacancy on the committee, as Bailey has resigned due to work committments. Contact the president, Aaron Sinclair, president@sydneyleatherpride.org, for more details.
*Need to make sure to get signed clearances from people to use photographs on posters and flyers. We’d like to get “real people” in the promotional material. Also, there have been problems with people giving a verbal agreement, but getting cold feet and changing their minds after they’ve seen themselves on a flyer. So, get it in writing.

*Hold more parties. Maybe at Ken’s (the chill out room has a glass floor so you can perve on people in the pool below). Also, uber in Camperdown. And Mistress Servalan has offered her Carisbrook dungeon.
Trying to come up with a name for the women’s parties.
“Rough Trade, but can’t use it, some people don’t like it.”
--“I like Rough Trade.”
“We all do!”
*Trans bois will be welcome at the women’s parties.
This is because there are so many trans bois nowadays and/or people making the change.
A butch said: “I don’t mind that women are changing, that makes butches a rare commodity. There’s always a silver lining.”
Invite the virgins in. Will have the first hour for novices, introducing them to a variety of play. Then a Ringmaster host will help to match people up with similar needs.
Play party might be held on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend.
* Camp Betty – we’ll hold a panel there where we’ll pass around a hat and people can write out their dirtiest fantasies and put them in the hat. Then we’ll read them out and explain how to do them.
“The Pussycat Club and Camp Betty have the type of women we’d like to recruit.”
*Put women on the posters.
“I don’t want only beautiful and skinny women on the posters – I don’t want ones I can snap in two.”

[NB: While typing up these notes, I cut my tongue while having a glass of water. Bleeding. Ouch! It had ice in it. I can't even drink water without getting injured. Must safeword next time.]

SLPA AGM report October 2010

Elected Wayne Daubney as the new President. Treasurer is Greg Bloye, Secretary Jon Kok, and Rod Spark as Public Officer. Committee members are BN, David B, Sam K, Ray P and Aaron S.

  • September 30, SLPA paid off all long-term debtors. Have nearly retired all the debt, except we had to keep some cash in the account for cashflow purposes. A couple of individuals still need their money paid, and this will happen when we get some cashflow. (For the past five years or so, SLPA committee members have been using their personal credit cards for SLPA cashflow.) “We had $126,000 of debt in 2005 and didn’t have the funds for basic things. We spent five years of having to pay all our bills in cash, weeks in advance. Or we’d have to submit cheques 14 days before to make sure the funds cleared.”

So we’ve restored our financial standing in the community, though some firms will still insist on cash upfront.

  • After putting in a grant application, we got $400 to make safe sex packs specifically aimed at our leather community.
  • The Cocktail party was a big hit during SLPA Week, with many turning out in their finest outfits.
  • The Sydney Opera House Trust has asked us to cease using the Opera House logo. It’s OK if we include Centrepoint Tower and the Harbour Bridge in equal proportion in the logo, but not the Opera House by itself. We might hold a design competition. Also, we’re checking out what the terms are and a timeline for implementing any changes – this all to be investigated and negotiated.

Our Sydney Opera House logo cloth badges, enamel pins will become collector items. We’d probably still be able to use the old Flag for historic purposes, but will need funds for a new flag.

  • We need more ways to encourage and retain volunteers (eg. give membership, freebies.) We get lots of vollies for Inquisition but fewer for smaller events.
  • A recent coat check had 9 racks and 132 items. Coat checks became mandatory after the $126,000 debt was incurred, as it was essential for raising cash.
  • Who wants to teach Rope 101? A lot of demand for such a course.
  • There were some online comments at samesex.com.au about our SLPA Mr Leather, so the committee reiterated that, apart from his “woof” appeal, he is chosen for his ability to represent and speak on behalf of our community in an intelligent way, it’s not just be an “underwear model” type.